Botox Specialist

Liza Eden Giammaria, MD, MPH, FAVLS

Vascular Specialist & Aesthetics located in New York, NY

Botox® has been helping in the fight against aging for more than 20 years and is the most popular nonsurgical cosmetic treatment in the United States. Liza Eden Giammaria, MD, MPH, FACPh, in Midtown East Manhattan, New York and Fort Lauderdale, Florida is an aesthetic expert who offers Botox injections to reduce lines and wrinkles. To schedule your appointment, call Eden Veins today, or use the online booking tool.

Botox Q & A

What is Botox?

Botox is a cosmetic treatment used to help your fight against aging. Dr. Eden Giammaria uses Botox to diminish the frown lines in between your eyebrows and your crow’s feet around your eyes.

How does Botox work?

Botox works by stopping the underlying cause of the development of lines and wrinkles, which is the movement of the muscle under your skin that causes the skin to fold. When Dr. Eden Giammaria injects Botox into your muscle, it halts these muscle contractions and the development of the creases and lines.

Will my face look frozen?

Dr. Eden Giammaria is an aesthetic specialist with years of experience and can make you look naturally young and fresh with Botox injections; you won’t look frozen or expressionless. She knows exactly where to inject tiny amounts of Botox to halt muscle activity to reduce the formation of wrinkles, while still allowing you to make your emotions known through your natural facial expressions.

What can I expect during Botox injections?

Dr. Eden Giammaria can perform your Botox injections quickly, usually in about 10 minutes. The number of injections you need depends on the area you’re having treated, but ranges between three and five per site.

The injections feel like a tiny pinch. If you’re sensitive to pain, let Dr. Eden Giammaria know so that she can apply a numbing agent before she begins the injections.

There’s no downtime following Botox, so you can go right back to your usual activities following treatment. Dr. Eden Giammaria recommends you not massage the injection area and hold off on any strenuous workout for at least two hours after your injections.

You may notice an improvement in your skin within 24 hours after treatment. However, you may not see the full effects for three to seven days following your injections.

How long does Botox last?

Botox injections keep you looking young for up to four months. Once you start to notice your Botox wearing off, you can come right back in for another round of injections. Frequent Botox injections thin the muscle under your skin and may help your treatments last longer.

For a simple cosmetic fix that takes only a few minutes, call Dr. Eden Giammaria today to schedule your Botox appointment. You can also use the online booking button.